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European Regulated Exchange
The new Platform linking the Cryptocurrency World with the Real World is coming!
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A day will come when the world of cryptocurrencies and the world of real economy will merge: That day is now...
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Coinbar Exchange
Platform Features
  • MultiLanguage user-friendly interface, with possibility to buying and selling Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Fiat Gateway in Euro.Expected listing of additional coins.
  • Advanced interface for multilevel book trading and advanced charts.
  • Cloud server with multi-layer security. Anti DDOS and authentication in 2 factors. Guaranteed Uptime, DNS Failover, Geo IP routing, Clustered Server.
  • Book liquidity shared with external Exchange
  • 1 Million orders / hour capacity.
  • Fiat bank transfers in and out in 1 working day.
  • Direct assistance with our operators via chat and phone.
Multi-level encryption
Minimum level on Cold Wallet
Cloud server with guaranteed Uptime
Direct assistance
Maker Fee 0%
The first private sale of security token legally recognized
Token will be vehicle of the expression of project participants rights, for the creation of the Coinbar ecosystem.

Nominal participation

A real securityToken that confers participation to specific rights provided by legislation.

Distribution of capital gains

Token holders will be entitled to participate in project profits and liquidate their investment with the opportunity to increase their profits.

Assembly convocation and rights

Direct participation in some decisions concerning the development of project. The rights of token holders will be certified by the blockchain

Certain duration

At scheduled deadline it will be possible to capitalize on your investment. Before the deadline the token can be resold by the owner privately through a simple blockchain transaction and with full legal effects

The description of private sale has only purpose of showing the main features of the project, it is not a financial advice and does not represent an incentive to invest

Participation in project through Coinbar security Token will only be possible with direct private sale. The conditions and characteristics may be changed until the contract is officially validated.

Will be possible buy CBE Token in BTC ETH and €

1 CBE = 1.00 €
1 CBE = 1.00 €
  • € 10.000 Minimum Entry Fee
  • € 150.000 Soft Cap
  • 5 millions € Hard Cap
  • € 1.00 Par value
Use of Funds
  • 60% Coinbar shops Opening
  • 15% Platform development
  • 10% Exchange Liquidity
  • 10% Marketing
  • 5% Team
Our Vision
Q3. 2018
Startup and Team Building
Q3 2018
Constitution of Coinbar SPA
Q4 2018
Start development
Q4 2018
Tokenized Private Sale
Q1 2019
Apertura Beta della Piattaforma Coinbar riservata ai Beta-tester previa selezione
Q1. 2019
Apertura Coinbar Exchange (iscrizione all'albo dei mediatori non appena pronti i decreti attuativi)
Q3 2019
Valutazione modalità ICO per l'Utility Token "BAR" e Apertura Coinbar a Roma
Q4 2019
Opening Coinbar shop in Milan
Q4. 2019
Development of Merchant services for cryptocurrency payments with automatic change in Euro.
Increase of Coinbar network in Italy
Q2 2021
Opening 5 Coinbar shops in Europe
Development Coinbar shops outside E.U.
For Merchants
Automatic Change

Cryptocurrency payments will be automatically changed in Euro with credit as in the POS system.

Acquire New Customers

It will be possible to accept the major cryptocurrencies without problems in portfolio management.

Cost savings

Payments commissions lower than the banking system; credit of immediate cryptocurrencies; rental free of pre-configured smartphone for promotional period.

For Buyers
Spend cryptocurrencies

With a simple touch on smartphone you can spend cryptocurrencies quickly and without cost. 

Qualified dealer network

Merchant services will be distributed to qualified and safe operators, who will have to respect high quality standards.

Direct Financial Management

Manage of portfolio easy and immediate. Ability to quickly convert funds into the most convenient currency at the moment.

The first Exchange with physical points where you can get assistance and swap Criptovalute and Euro directly.
Know the Coinbar Crew
Antonello Cugusi
CEO, Founder
Ivan Florio
CGO & CMO, Co-founder
Nicola Ruffini
Advisor, Investor, Co-founder
Raffaello Cugusi
COO, Co-founder
Silvia Lilli
Risk Manager
David Incagnoli
CTO, Co-founder
Francesca Orsi
Corporate Identity Designer
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Coinlex – Legal Team

Leader for legal and strategic advice in the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Exchange Development Team

Blockchain developers, trading system and security, with years of experience.

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