Registered office: Via della Marcigliana 532, Roma
of Coinbar Shops
Evolved Platform

Chance of market access with assistance of qualified personnel through in locations connected to our Exchange, and from many devices: smartphone, tablet and from home

Personal help

With the help of our staff it will be possible to know more easily the world of cryptocurrencies, receive assistance for registration and to understand the operation of exchange.

Idea Factory

A place of ideas and opinions contamination about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, where events and meetups will be held for all those interested in sector.

Easy Exchange

Possibility to change cryptocurrencies in euro directly in physical points. Customer verification with KYC, and fast deposit and withdrawal procedure.

Ibrid Concept Bar

Format: 100mq with two windows on the street, a hybrid space between office and cafeteria.
Qualified staff to introduce a wider audience to the blockchain world.

Help and operations on site

Possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with qualified personnel in assistance. KYC Services, Deposit and Withdrawal operations


A place for lovers of the sector and not, in which to exchange ideas and opinions from breakfast to after dinner, tasting quality food and wine products in an elegant and informal place.

Are you interested
in Coinbar project?
Do you want to participate in Coinbar network expansion, work with us, or more simply to have more information?
Why vertically integrate when the trend of the retail world is dematerialize?

  • Low transparency of the operators
  • Difficulty to contact in solving problems
  • High barrier to access for swap of cryptocurrencies
  • Poor perception of connection between the cryptocurrency world and the real economy.

  • The physical presence of a Coinbar shop increases confidence in the operator
  • The possibility of being in contact with specialized staff facilitates access to the platform and the resolution of problems, stimulating access to new capital.
  • Inside the Coinbar shop it will immediately possible to spend their cryptocurrencies, thus creating a functional example for the distribution of merchant services.

"Confidence is created through interpersonal relationships and empathy. We need to transmit security for new cryptocurrency users, safety and enthusiasm, making them discover the potential of the new exchange system."

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